Trading in Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals 


APC is involved in Import, Export and Trading of Industrial Plant, Machinery, Spare Parts, Industrial Equipment & Supplies, Commodity items, Chemicals & Catalysts etc.


Some of the items supplied by APC are as follows -


         Various makes of Pumps and their spare parts.


         Various makes of Compressors and their spare parts.


         Parts for Gas Turbines of various makes.


         Various makes of Steam Turbines and their spare parts.


         Various makes of Generators and their spare parts.


         Engines and their parts.


         Steel Belts and Steel Belt Systems including Pastillation systems, Flaking systems, Cooling Belt systems etc.


         Roller Compactors and Granulators, Vacuum De-aeration systems, Size Reduction equipment, etc.


         Pulverizers, Mills, Granulators and Re-cycling systems for Plastics and Rubber industries.


         Steam Tube Calciner plants.


         Various makes of Instrumentation for flow, level, pressure, temperature, speed, etc. Process analyzers, Control systems and their parts.


         Turbine Control systems and their parts including Electronic Control Cards.


         Valves of various types and makes.


         Seals and Gaskets.


         Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Flanges, Pipeline Coating material, etc


         Plates, Sheets, Bars, Rods, Wires, Coil, etc of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


         Hoses and Hose couplings.


         Hardware items like bearings, chains, belts, etc.


         Gear Boxes, Gear units, Clutches, Couplings, Conveyors, etc.


         Heat Exchangers, Dryers, Coolers, Evaporators, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Ejectors, Burners, Storage Tanks, Condensers, Chillers, Separators, Centrifuges, Heaters, Incinerators, Cooling Towers, Water treatment plants, Air conditioning plants etc, and their Parts.

         Filters, Wire Cloth / Mesh, etc.


         Blowers & Fans, Agitators, Mills, Mixers, Vibrators, Strainers, etc, and their parts.


         Various Chemical Plants.


         Parts for Cranes, Trucks, Forklift trucks, Loaders, etc.


         Electrical Items such as Cable, Conduit, fuses, Switches, Switchgears, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, transformers, Electric Motors, Relays, Meters, etc.


         Electronic & Communication systems and their Parts.


         Various Tools


         Welding machines, Welding Electrodes, etc.


         Laboratory Equipment.


         Safety Equipment, Fire-fighting equipment, etc.


         Various Chemicals, Catalysts, Compounds, Refractory materials, Grinding & Lapping powders, Surface coating materials, Abrasives, Paints, Additives, etc.


         Hydraulic Oils, Lubricating Oils, Special Oils, Grease, etc.