Chemicals, fertilizers, additives and catalysts

Instruments for level, flow, temperature, pressure, speed

Conveying and material handling systems

Various types of valves

Pipes, tubes, fittings, flanges and sheets of ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Heat exchangers, dryers and coolers

Various process plants and equipment

Metering and Mixing systems

Screening machines for various applications

Manufacturer: Rhewum (Germany)

Single belt coolers, Double belt coolers, Pastillation machines, Flaking machines

Manufacturer: SBS Steel Belt Systems USA, Berndorf Steel Belt Systems (Korea), Nippon Belting Corporation (Japan)

Double belt presses, Steel belt casting and drying systems, Machine components

Manufacturer: Berndorf Band Engineering (Austria)

Steel belts for various applications

Manufacturer: Berndorf Band (Austria)

Pumps, Compressors, Engines and their parts

Roller Compactor and Granulator machines, Moist Granulators and Graters/ Shredders

Manufacturer: Alexanderwerk (Germany)